A Night at the Opera

A Night at the Opera


There’s nothing like wearing a Janique gown to the opera!

A night at the opera is unique opportunity to dress your best… Imagine the lights dimming and the curtains rising. The orchestra is warming up while the audience is shifting in their seats in anticipation for the performance to start. It’s not everyday one attends the opera. But before the curtains raise, the Met Opera has a fashion show happening along the staircases, in the coat check line, and at the bar. It is simply an event to look your best. Women have dozens of choices, but in the end every woman wants to look glamorous and elegant. The curvy girl is no exception! But what is a chic curvy girl to wear?

This black and white formal gown is perfect for the opera!

This dress is perfect with rich jewel tones and dramatic jewelry!

This dress is perfect with rich jewel tones and dramatic jewelry!

The contrasting black and white scheme coupled with the curve hugging silhouette gives you a classic and elegant look. The small details within the material of the gown and the beading and rhinestones gives the gown depth and a new perspective on the formal gown. For the curvy girl, the gown gives her a fun and unique option compared to the gowns are alloted to her size. By accentuating the curves, you will feel voluptuous and daring. The off the shoulder look is also very chic and always a classic when it comes to evening gowns.  It is classic and effortlessly elegant in the same. The train that follows creates a gentle river of fabric behind you and sparkles with each step you take. Overall, the gown is also easy to walk in so that trips and slips are not at the forefront of your mind.

A night at the opera is a perfect occasion to bring out your best accessories! However,for this piece, less is better. The beading and rhinestones through out the gown gives enough sparkle to make the night sky jealous. The off-the-shoulder and v-neckline gives ample opportunity to wear the more elegant and colorful accessories. The short sleeves give a great opportunity to wear a textured and vibrant wrap or cape. Shoes are also a great way to add color or unique style. Simple and elegant handbags work best for this dress as well. Subtle shimmer or even in a solid color compliments the rest of the ensemble. And to top it all off with polished and elegant jewelry gives a refined look. With this dress, the options are endless. Undoubtedly,this dress is a show-stopper. See this dress (A18375) and many more at https://www.janiquebyk.com!

Every woman deserves to sparkle, every woman deserves Janique!

This dress will make you feel like you belong among the stars!

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