Trend: Sleek & Sophisticated Off-the-Shoulder Gown

Trend: Sleek & Sophisticated Off-the-Shoulder Gown

 Sleek and Sophisticated: Off-the-Shoulder Gown

    The two words that come to mind when gazing upon this off-the-shoulder gown is sleek and sophisticated! The off-the-shoulder dress brings something new to the ideas of formal wear. Being off-the-shoulder, you sure will be on trend. The beading on the top and waist gives a sophisticated look with a hint of sparkle. But the classic style and well fitting bodice is as timeless as you are. The combination of classic and trendy aesthetics gives a modern look without looking too trendy and being sent to the back of the closet. Instead, this gown will become a formal wear statement, one you will be known for.


Along with the classic look of the gown, the beading the standout feature. With a variation of bead styles and sizes, the top and waist are given depth. The beading and rhinestone variation also gives a better appeal with each bead catching light giving a hint of sparkle. The floral motif in the beading is shown through out. It gives a consistent design/pattern which lends more depth and nuance to the typical beading feature on gowns. The beading truly shows the dedication and care Janique has taken to make the most exquisite pieces available on the market.

Though any woman would love to wear her gown anytime, it’s best suited for formal events. The gown is perfect for formal weddings, especially for the mother of the bride. The gown is also perfect for black tie and red carpet events as the lighter hue will be unexpected and will make you make you shine as you enter any room. The subtle beading will also help give enough sparkle for the event. See this gown and others on  Because Every woman deserves to sparkle, every woman deserves Janique!

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